In a Limited Space Every Inch Counts

Thanks to our ingenious designers, every inch of available space has been maximized through the use of multi-functional furniture and ingenious storage solutions.

Edge ONE Secure the Home and Perimeter

Edge ONE is the all-in-one solution for home automation, security system, and energy management, now everything will be under your control with only ONE command touchpad!

Defender Mode
Our security system includes external cameras that detect security events and promptly report them to you, as well as hazard detectors that guard against fire, smoke, floods, and break-ins
Privacy Matters
Your choice to be offline to protect your privacy. All PODX GO pre-equipped smart devices and plugs are only connected to you. NOT us.
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Whether you're a first-time homeowner, looking to travel and take your home with you, or just want to downsize and have an extra home in the backyard

PODX GO has different models to give you a variety of solutions to meet your budget and lifestyle


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Need Financing?

We've teamed up with Acorn to provide financing solutions for those in need of assistance purchasing a PODX GO home. Now, owning your dream home is more accessible than ever before. Don't miss out on this opportunity – let us help you make your tiny home dreams a reality!

Having questions about start your tiny home journey?

No worries. We are here to help.

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